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  • I only want one goat/sheep, can it live alone?"
    Typically, no. It's generally better for them to have at least one same species friend. We will only sell to buyers who already have or plan on having more than one. Stand-in animals like a friendly dog, horse, etc. can help... But they are not the same as another goat/sheep. Goats and sheep become depressed without same species friends around them and in severe cases will sometimes refuse to eat and become sickly.
  • Does Roebuck Ranch ship or deliver animals?
    Typically, no. Most of the time it is up to the buyer to pick up the animal from our ranch or arrange transport. If you, the buyer, are very local we may be able to deliver for a small transport fee.
  • Will goats and sheep from Roebuck Ranch have horns?
    Yes and no. Goats and sheep have horns based on their breed and whether or not they can genetically grow horns. We will specify on each animal for sale whether or not they will grow horns.
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